Services & Recent Projects

Saddle replacement acoustic: $50.00

Compensated saddle replacement: $75.00

6 string restring and tune $25.00

12 string restring and tune $40.00

Full setup 6 string $50.00

Reglue brace $50.00

Fret job $250.00

Refinish bolt on body $400.00

Refinish bolt on neck $175.00

Refinish set neck electric 500.00

Refinish acoustic $550.00

All prices are labor only and do not include parts.  Email for an accurate quote with estimated parts included.

Recent Projects

About Steven

“I recently decided to pursue my passion of woodworking and music and attended the Galloup School of Guitars, after leaving the IT Security Industry. I enjoy creating custom guitars, both acoustic and electric, that people will enjoy playing and have that special sound to make the music great. I hope to serve the industry with integrity and creativity and to give you that special instrument for which you are looking.”  Steven Lunn